Here are some things that I’ve been using lately:

If you’re in the market for a home camera system or smart doorbell, you really should consider getting something like Unifi protect. It has an up-front cost, but you’ll get the most out of your money with it. The cameras are great, and the integration with the rest of the Unifi ecosystem is top quality. All recording is local to your home network but can be accessed remotely, which I love. Expeorting clips and video is fast and easy with the mobile and web apps. That also means less bandwidth is consumed because it isn’t streaming everything into the cloud.

Another ugly fact is that a lot of the major camera systems are EOL’d pretty regularly [1][2][3]. The cycle is both frequent and expensive: You buy a camera system, and then a year or two later, the company decides to stop supporting. You’re then forced to buy a new system, and you’re out the money you spent on the old one. I’ve been through this cycle a few times, and it’s not fun.